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Discover the groundbreaking new approach to designing and re-building your life with the creative ingenuity used in architecture for decades. 

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Igniting your life inspired, taking the steps from home-building to life-building.  Bringing passion and purpose into people's lives. 


Retreat 2017

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Do you have that nagging feeling that something is missing in your life? Or that you thought your life would be more fulfilling by now? Trust me, you are NOT alone!

Studies show that 90% of our population is settling for that mediocre lackluster life which leaves them feeling discontent or disheartened. They are just going through the motions…feeling deep disappointment and unrelenting monotony.   Do you know what I’m talking about? Does that feel familiar to you? Did you think that you would be happy in your life by now?

I want to show you the steps I've taken to achieve a Life Inspired. If you feel like something is lacking in your life, don't settle, please give me a call for a free consultation!

Karen Otis
(714) 846-0177


In our modern world, so many people are battling unhappiness and dissatisfaction in their lives. Karen Otis, architect and author, delivers a groundbreaking new approach to designing and re-building your life with the creative ingenuity she has used in architecture for decades. By extending her “Architectural Method” to life-building, she reveals a completely new way of thinking where the results are profound, unexpected, life-changing, and transformational. Otis shows you how to take the architectural method of creativity and decision making and project it onto your own life to find direction and fluidity to spiritually “awaken your soul” to a life rich in inspiration and joy. Whether you are unhappy or unfulfilled with your personal life, your relationships, or your career, this Method holds the answers to change all that. Her eight steps and thoughtful exercises unleash your power to take the mundane and make it meaningful; the expected, and make it memorable. Rather than r-e-a-c-t-i-n-g to life, you can begin c-r-e-a-t-i-n-g your life.


Being the Architect of our Lives empowers each of us to discover our true calling and build a life around that inspiration.
— Karen Otis

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