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Discover the groundbreaking new approach to designing and re-building your life with the creative ingenuity used in architecture for decades. 

Karen's Learning Zone

Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.
— Karen Otis

Be The Architect Of Your Life Packages:

Do you have that nagging feeling that something is missing in your life? Or that you thought your life would be more fulfilling by now? Trust me, you are NOT alone!

Studies show that 90% of our population is settling for that mediocre lackluster life which leaves them feeling discontent or disheartened. They are just going through the motions…feeling deep disappointment and unrelenting monotony.   Do you know what I’m talking about? Does that feel familiar to you? Did you think that you would be happy in your life by now?

You may have achieved everything you thought you wanted…the career, the family, the relationship…but are you still carrying around this empty, hollow feeling that just won’t go away?  I know all about that internal ache you feel…and more importantly, I have a groundbreaking way to change all that for you! Wouldn’t you rather create a fulfilling, dynamic, exciting, and passionately inspired life for yourself? Rather than settling for the mundane drudgery…wouldn’t you rather build a LIFE INSPIRED…a life that centers on your passions and your individual life purpose, where everyday brings joy and fulfillment because you are doing exactly what lights you up? We each have the power to choose to live with ordinary…or create the extraordinary!

Let me assure you that it is not only possible, but easily achieved by “Being the Architect of Your Life” and putting this proven method to work for you!  Through inspired and insightful life-building exercises and skills, you can get the total transformation you need and really didn’t think was possible.

Whether you are in need of rebuilding your life to redirect your career, your love life, or work-life balance, these are the Programs for you! Browse the options below, and pick which one feels best to you. Once you’ve decided what’s best for you, click the green sign up button to fill out a short registration form.



Interactive Courses

In this full day VIP workshop, you will work directly and in person with Karen in an energetic small group setting as she enlightens you to take the creative method used in architecture and project it onto your life to find direction and fluidity to spiritually awaken your soul. This is a full-day high-energy intensive workshop with priceless one-on-one and group coaching in a dynamic format that enables you to connect with others pursuing similar goals.

During the workshop, you will create an individual vision board and ultra-detailed blueprint so that you are ready to put your passion and life purpose into action. It will be life changing! You will learn how to discover your distinct passion and life purpose, how to meditate to help bring your intuition to the surface, and how to reconnect with all that lights you up. Stop living a life that’s lackluster and mediocre.



One on One

For those looking for the “Total Transformation” NOW– this is the answer! Through personalized private coaching, you will build your life inspired in a streamlined coaching package bringing you total transformation more quickly and more solidly. I will work one on one with you directly to go through all the steps to make it happen! Be prepared for eye-opening, in-depth life-building that will bring passion, meaning, and deep purpose to your life.  Includes six private two hour sessions to be scheduled at your convenience. Also includes access to private Facebook group for Q&A direct feedback.