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Discover the groundbreaking new approach to designing and re-building your life with the creative ingenuity used in architecture for decades. 


About Karen Otis

Architecture is a building with soul, elevated by inspiration and meaning. As architects of our lives, we too can elevate our existence with inspiration and soulful purpose.
— Karen Otis

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Architecture has been my passion for over 25 years! It infiltrates every part of my life…it molds my perceptions as it has become a way of thinking and seeing the world with a unique perspective. Having created and built hundreds of amazingly beautiful buildings, I know the creative Architectural Method that I use whenever designing a building inside and out!

So, years ago after enduring a painful divorce that left my life and that of my kids in shambles, I found the courage and insight to take what I knew best, architecture, and apply the same creative Architectural Method to rebuilding my life. That inspired idea changed everything! By rebuilding my life, I found clarity, inspiration, and a newly defined purpose. I built for myself a Life inspired. Soon, I was sharing this process that I had gone through with other people who weren’t architects at all. They were moms, lawyers, business people, divorcees, college-bound students—each looking for meaning and direction, and they found it to be empowering too! I couldn’t wait to share my discovery with others who were searching for passion and inspiration in their lives. I wanted to guide them to be the Architect and build their Life Inspired. I wanted to reveal to them the steps to rebuilding.

So motivated by newfound insight and purpose, I embarked on this remarkable journey. I have been coaching clients who are desperately wanting more out of their lives…people who are discontent with the monotony and drudgery that has taken hold of their lives, and can only dream of something better, something more fulfilling, something more meaningful and awe-inspiring. This method is unbelievably effective because it engages creative and intuitive thinking rather than our typical logic.  The results truly have been astounding! Clients are pursuing their passions, building careers that light them up, and finding the love relationship they dream of!


Don’t you want the same?

Are you ready to Be the Architect of Your Life?

Don’t waste another day…I’m here to help you rebuild the life you always dreamed of!


Read what people are saying about Be The Architect of Your Life


Trisha Wrote: “I am becoming clear and focused. The Blueprint was helpful as it defined my action steps along with specific target dates for completion. Thank you for creating this beautiful healing space for us.”

Shelley Wrote: “The wonderful women who attended became like sisters. I felt such a release of emotion by the end of the retreat.”

Lizzy Wrote: “I am amazed how people open up to you, Karen. You have such a non-judgmental energy about you.”

Linda Wrote: “Hearing about other people’s experiences made me feel more aware that we all are on different journeys.  The steps in Karen’s Architectural Method help each of us.”

Leta Wrote: “I love the structure of your program. The step-by-step process is very helpful for me to create a new life plan.”

Kim W. Wrote: “Karen, your guidance was so helpful! I loved the open discussion, and felt like I got a big hug from everybody here.”

Kim F. Wrote: “This retreat helped me to realize that I do have a desire to be more- -that I can push through the status quo. If I didn’t take this seminar, I would never have realized this at all!”

Heather M. Wrote: “The presentations were well organized and thought out. I love how you shared your life experience with us. It was so honest, and it encouraged us all to look into ourselves. The women attending were amazing. I loved all of it!”